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Editorial Invest in Slovakia

After the successful financing of 75.000 EUR for the next stage of the project "Green project, Prešov" we have announced a new investment opportunity in Invest Club.

After funding the Sokol project in Zvolen, we returned to this historic town in mid-July, because we had the opportunity to buy a building for reconstruction on Martina Kukučína Street.

After a thorough preparation of the economic analysis, SWOT analysis and all indicators with annexes, we provided our investors with the opportunity to participate in the purchase with an interest 12,07% p.a. (per annum) for a period of 15 months with quarterly payment of returns.

The intention of the main investor is reconstruction of a dilapidated building on modern and low-energy Viladomy Kukučka with 4x residential units with a living area of 319.81 m2 including terraces and balconies.

The advantage of the apartments are:

  • the price for a family house is equal to the price of city apartments
  • parking space
  • terrace, balcony and garden
  • unique low-energy urban concept of villas
  • in close proximity to the centre of Zvolen in a lucrative location

We divided the campaign into two parts, where we wanted to raise 2x 140.000 EUR. Once again, you rallied together, shuffled the dispo funds into the reserved ones and gave us the green light in this project as well, for which we thank you.

Thanks to all of you, we are moving forward and can buy interesting properties with potential for renovation and subsequent sale or for construction.

Statistics of the project "VILADOMY KUKUČKA":

  • Total investment EUR 278 617.
  • Minimum investment 100 EUR.
  • The campaign involved 217 investors.
  • The fixed return from the project was 12,07% p.a. (per year).
  • Payment of proceeds is Quarterly.
  • The investment period is 15 months.

You have all come together again for another investment opportunity in real estate projects and you have successfully financed the amount, even exceeding the set amount again.

What's even more amazing is the fact that we haven't even finished one campaign yet and we already have questions from you about when we will bring something new 🙂 Your appetite for new projects and the eagerness with which you invest is great. Thank you for your investment!

Fingers crossed 🍀 on your passive income journey ... and thank you for walking it with us.

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