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Editorial Invest in Slovakia

At Invest in Slovakia we needed a short break after the busy end of last year. Despite the delays, we started 2022 successfully. In the month of January, we opened 2 investment opportunities that were fully funded by Invest Club members before the campaigns set end date. These were:

Investment opportunity "Sokolka Premium, Zvolen"

It was a project where the developer in the wider centre of Zvolen is reconstructing an older building into a SOKOLKA PREMIUM apartment house with modern apartments, which consists of 3 floors. The flats here will be at very attractive prices. These are the statistics of the campaign:

  • Total investment EUR 128 334.
  • Minimum investment 100 EUR.
  • 124 investors joined the campaign.
  • The fixed return from the project was 11.19 % p.a. (per annum).
  • The payment of returns is quarterly (pro-rata).
  • The investment period is 18 months.
investment project Sokolka, Zvolen
Sokolka, Zvolen

Investment opportunity "Three Hills Home (II), V. Lomnica"

Three Hills Home*** will serve as 3x separate upscale residential units. The location of the development is one of the most lucrative locations in the High Tatras. A few meters from the Black Stork golf course. The appearance of the real estate project Three Hills Home*** in terms of architecture follows the contours of the nearby panorama of the High Tatras. Of course, all aspects for ultra-low-energy demand are provided, together with private parking space and greenery. Campaign statistics are as follows:

  • Total investment EUR 57 047.
  • Minimum investment 100 EUR.
  • 45 investors joined the campaign.
  • The fixed return from the project was 11.57 % p.a. (per annum).
  • The payment of returns is quarterly (pro-rata).
  • The investment period is 18 months.
investment project Three Hills Home
Three Hills Home, Veľká Lomnica

Interesting numbers from investment opportunities:

  • The campaign for the Three Hills Home (II) project was completed in 2 working days with BONUS 1%.
  • The highest single investment was EUR 15 000.
  • The average investment for the Three Hills Home (II) campaign was EUR 1,267.72
  • The average investment for the Sokolka campaign was EUR 979.65
  • 88 new investors added in January

We look forward to your activity and support! And for those who didn't get a chance to participate, we'll be opening up more opportunities soon. Thanks to your support, we are still growing and plan to open new opportunities more and more often.

One of our ambitions is to bring in a short time also projects from the regions of western Slovakia and other interesting projects beneficial not only for our investors, but also for their surroundings. Definitely something to look forward to! 😊

If you would like to create an additional source of passive income while helping your friends on the road to financial independence, please refer us through our affiliate program. Thank you for your trust and we look forward to future projects.

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