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Maroš Molnár is a top fitness trainer. During his long career he has trained athletes such as Daniela Hantuchová, Miro Šatan, Ľubo Višňovský, Dominika Cibulková, Filip Šeba and many others. As he says, "The money I earn now is the result of 23 years of hard work, constant studying, constant moving forward and a strong motivation to be the best."

Of all your activities, where do you earn the most?

  • In Extreme Transformations. The 4th series is being filmed. This show has taught me a new way of communicating and many people know me because of it.

What were your coaching beginnings like?

  • I started training in fifth grade at school and found that I loved it. So I knew the experience would come and I would be good at it. The money would come. Sooner or later.

What do you spend the most money on?

  • Except for our gym (with my wife) it's pens, bows and notebooks 🙂

Are you refusing any collaborations?

  • Definitely. All of those don't fit into my beliefs about healthy living.

In today's podcast, you will learn how the Slovak and American nationalities differ, how Maroš is saving for his retirement, where he earned his first money and how he spent it. To see the podcast, visit our YouTube channel "MONEY TALKS podcast" and watch the full video with our newest guest:


The MONEY TALKS podcast demolishes the myth that the topic of money is taboo in society. With our guests, we talk about money directly and straightforwardly. The role of the MONEY TALKS podcast is to educate and teach about money with real people's stories. You won't hear financial definitions and lectures on the MONEY TALKS podcasts. But you will get valuable insights and opinions from people who have acquired material wealth, are striving for it, or have lost their wealth through their own mistakes.

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