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Editorial Invest in Slovakia

After the successfully funded ECO-HYDRO project at the beginning of the new year and the SMALL VILLAS project in March, when the amount was raised in record time, we started with a new opportunity in April. V INVESTORS CLUB we have published the continuation of Phase II of the project in Zvolen, where in Phase I we bought a property for reconstruction on Sokolska Street with a previously issued building permit.

We launched the Zvolen campaign on 14 April and we hoped for its success. We set a minimum target of 74% for the next 13 days when the opportunity was posted as "open".

It was the reconstruction of a building in the wider centre of the historic town of Zvolen, where the main investor of the project allowed the members of the INVESTORS CLUB to participate in this investment in Phase II with a fixed yield of 11.19% p.a. and with quarterly payment of returns for 18 months.

The campaign did not perform as we expected. We knew that the second stage is critical for projects, as often the same investors will not be involved and we need an influx of new investors who will hear about the investment opportunity for the first time and will be attracted enough to go through the whole registration process and invest through our platform.

It was necessary to answer questions like: "Why is there a lower interest rate, why are you collecting additional funds, etc."

Since we are open and always communicate things as they are, we were very happy to explain to our investors the formula that the CLOSER TO CONSTRUCTION = THE LOWER THE RISK = THE LOWER THE LOWER THE INTEREST TO THE INVESTOR. There was understanding and many joined in a second time and supported the second phase of the Volen project.

In this campaign, we struggled with setting up marketing strategies, looking for new opportunities and experimenting a bit. We spent a lot of time on how to reach out to our potential customers and meet our target amount with new investors as well.

Even though we were not able to do this on 100%, we can happily say that our investors, both old and new, helped us to meet the minimum amount, and even exceeded it by a little bit, so the project was able to go through thanks to their contributions and their decision to invest with us in the next stage.

Statistics of the project "Residential house Zvolen, II. stage":

  • Total investment EUR 177 138.
  • Minimum investment 100 EUR.
  • Maximum investment EUR 20 000.
  • The project involved 150 investors.
  • The fixed return from this project was 11,19 % p.a.
  • Disbursement of proceeds - Quarterly.
  • Investment period - 18 months.

We have been working on the due diligence of another investment opportunity in Veľká Lomnica for a longer period of time. It was not until 24 April that we received an opinion from the municipality that they had approved our plan and we could raise finance.

We were very pleased, but there was one catch. We had 8 to 10 days to process all the investor documents and then raise EUR 250 000. The deadline for booking the land was irrevocably approaching.

We were running a campaign in Zvolen and another one was about to run simultaneously. We knew that it would come one day, that investors would be able to choose, but we did not expect it to happen now. We had no choice but to get to work and publish the new opportunity in the INVESTORS CLUB as soon as possible. We succeeded.

The intention was to buy a plot of land in the village of Veľká Lomnica near the golf course and build a family house there. The architects played with the designs and in cooperation with a clever designer created interesting visualizations of the houses, which in their appearance copy the silhouette of the High Tatras.

The main investor gave the opportunity to investors to participate in this project with an amount of EUR 250 000 with an annual yield of 12.57%, quarterly payout and a term of 24 months.

Statistics of the project "Three Hills Home***":

  • Total investment EUR 208 403.
  • Minimum investment 100 EUR.
  • Maximum investment EUR 30 000.
  • The project involved 122 investors.
  • The fixed return from this project was 12.57 % p.a.
  • Disbursement of proceeds - Quarterly.
  • Investment period - 24 months.

We knew the strength of the INVESTORS CLUB members and we approached VIP members and other potential investors who could participate with higher amounts in this project. We wanted to do our best to fill the amount and leave nothing to chance.

Once again, you pulled yourselves together and were able to finance more than EUR 385 000 in four weeks. Unbelievable! Hats off to you all. To INVESTORS' CLUB 189 new members, which we are very happy about.

Thank you for being here with us, investing with us, supporting us and trusting us. It's rewarding for us to be on the phones with you and to feel the support we have from you and to cross our fingers together that the campaign works.

You are our driving force in bringing you better and better projects with decent returns.

We keep our fingers crossed for you on your passive income journey ... and thank you for walking it with us.

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Editorial Invest in Slovakia
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